New managers/league setup and scoring questions

Hi everyone! New commissioner here, setting up a friendly league with friends. We’re all new to Otteneu and range from little to casual to stale experience with fantasy baseball. But we’re all eager to dive in.

Can anyone share their thoughts on which scoring system to pick? Here’s mine on what we’re considering.

H2H Old School 5x5

  • Most similar format we’ve used in previous fantasy baseball leagues.
  • I came in expecting to do this, but replace W with QS, AVG with wOBA, ERA with FIP, and perhaps WHIP with Holds. Doesn’t look like we can do this though on Ottoneu and I’m not sure if it would be a balanced scoring system.

H2H Fangraphs or H2H SABR

  • Now leaning towards one of these, but for some reason, we kind of feel like category-scoring fits better for fantasy baseball while point-scoring fits better for fantasy football (which we play a lot of). Is this just a dated sentiment?
  • It looks like just a few of the pitching stats differ from FanGraphs to SABR. Do you have a recommendation on which is more ‘standard’? I’d like to pick the one that relates more to general fantasy baseball content out there.

Other league settings questions.

  • Thoughts on weekly vs daily lineups? I picked weekly thinking that this will keep it a bit simpler while we all get a feel for Ottoneu.
  • What is a good per-week GS cap? In the past, I would set a minimum of 25 IP, but I do not see that option.
  • Any other random league settings tips that I should consider? Especially if it is a unique one to Ottoneu that I might not understand the consequences of yet!

Our current settings are here. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to meeting everyone out there.

Right, one of the drawbacks of Ottoneu is that there isn’t a lot of customizability in the scoring (e.g., replacing W with QS or whatever). But if you’re finding yourself wanting to do a roto but something that moves away from the traditional categories, you might want to consider the Classic 4x4. It functions as sort of a hybrid between 5x5 and points. Although I have not yet actually done a 4x4 yet and probably won’t this season. And no, unfortunately, H2H roto is not a format option at present.

I’ve only played FGPts (both H2H and season long), so I don’t have any direct experience with SABR either. But if you want something that is DIPS-based, SABR points makes more sense. Most people use FGPts, although some strongly prefer SABR points.

In terms of weekly vs daily, personally I wouldn’t play in a league with weekly transactions, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

The last time I did a H2H FGPts league, we set the weekly GS limit at 10. AFAIK, you can only set GS limits, not minimums or IP mins/maxs (I didn’t play in a H2H in 2020, so my knowledge may be dated). Anyway, 10 GS limit seemed to be a good balance. But if you want the league to roster more prospects, then you should set a lower GS limit. If you’re playing a H2H points league, then you don’t need to set a GS/IP minimum.

The other league setting that you need to decide is arbitration: allocation vs vote off. I’ve played with both and strongly prefer allocation since that encourages the most year-to-year turnover.

EDIT: The other settings that you’ll need to decide are league size and prize tier.

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@nivshah - question: the team I entered into OPL sets weekly lineups in its’ “home league”. Since OPL is a separate daily best ball competition, whether the home league is daily or weekly lineups should be irrelevant, correct?

@walt526 as far as I understand: daily transactions should be irrelevant as team rosters in OPL are only updated on the pre-determined dates when teams are eliminated and scoring adjusted; approximately every month or so.

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I may have misunderstood the parameters of OPL. You’re probably right.

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Weekly vs daily lineups is irrelevant to OPL.

I’d recommend 9

Either is fine, but I’d recommend daily.

I think this sentiment might be a bit dated, but I also think 4x4 is the best scoring format for Ottoneu.

Thanks for considering the platform!

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Thanks everyone! Exactly the tips I was looking for.

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