New Ottoneu Baseball League in Search of Managers

Have about 5 guys interested so far, so if you would like to join just let me know!

What are the details?

$50 buy-in,12 teams, H2H FG points with 6 playoffs spots. I also have a discord created for the league, so if you are interested in joining just let me know I can send an invite! FYI though, Ottoneu is having issues currently with PayPal so I am having to wait to create the league once things are resolved. Hopefully soon.


Interested and willing.



Let me know when PP is resolved and I’ll sign up

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any openings left in this league?

There are a few openings left! We are waiting for the PayPal issues to be resolved, but in the mean time, you can go ahead and join the league discord if you are wanting to join: Ottoneu Dynasty League

Still looking for 2-3 people to join if anyone is interested. If you are, I’ll message you the discord link to join.

I am very interested.Let me know how many starts and if its arbitration. 9 starts is the best.

Sweet! I currently have it at 8 starts per week but this is my first time playing Ottoneu so I can move it to 9 if that works best. Also we plan to do the allocation arbitration. I created a discord for the league to help organize some of the communication, so once you join that I’ll add you to the league

I just joined the league for next year.

Awesome, great to have you!


Still looking for a few owners to fill the league. We might be drafting in early October so if you’re interested let me know.

Two spots left, drafting on October 8th. 12t H2H FG Points, if interested just let me know!

Still spots available?

There are still openings, I can get you added! We are going to wait until February or March now to draft if that’s okay with you.