New Ottoneu League - 50$, Fangraph Pts head to head

Hi all,

I’ve got a few friends interested in starting up an Ottoneu league, but not enough to fill out 12 teams. Anyone interested in joining a start-up league?

The settings:

  • Fangraphs H2H points
  • 10 GS cap per week
  • Allocation arbitration system
  • 2 week playoff matchups

Draft date is TBD as of now.

Ideally looking for people with keeper/dynasty experience, but Ottoneu experience not required.

Please send me a message if interested. Thanks!

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Hey, thanks for your interest in Ottoneu - hope you’re able to fill out your league!

We have a category for “new to Ottoneu” leagues called Ottoneu 101 - interested in classifying this league as that?

Yes, that would be great!

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Quick update on this - we are still looking for some more owners to fill out the league.

The league link, if interested in checking out more of the settings is here: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Baseball

Note that the auction date indicated on the league page is a temporary placeholder - the auction date is TBD and will be confirmed once the league is full.

I’d be interested in joining the league but it depends on the draft day as I can’t make it if it’s March 26-27.

A buddy and I are interested in joining, have you checked out the managers looking board? You could have some luck reaching out to managers who have posted there!!

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Afternoon, I kept hearing about these leagues in all my draft prep for this season and am very interested in being a part of one of these as it grows.

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Thanks everyone.

We currently have 2 spots left, and have set draft dates of March 17 and 18 (starting 9ET/6PT).

I’m interested. Is this going to be a dynasty league?

Thanks for your interest. We are full now, but I can reach out to you if anything changes!


I am the commissioner of a new Ottoneu league we have just created. It is a $50, H2H Sabr Points league. We are looking for players who will be committed season-long. If you are interested I have attached the link to the league here so you can join. Have a good one.

I’d like to hear a little more about the league. I’m an experienced dynasty owner but new to Otteneu.

Do you still have an opening available in your league?