New Ottoneu League - 50$, Fangraph Pts head to head

Hi all,

I’ve got a few friends interested in starting up an Ottoneu league, but not enough to fill out 12 teams. Anyone interested in joining a start-up league?

The settings:

  • Fangraphs H2H points
  • 10 GS cap per week
  • Allocation arbitration system
  • 2 week playoff matchups

Draft date is TBD as of now.

Ideally looking for people with keeper/dynasty experience, but Ottoneu experience not required.

Please send me a message if interested. Thanks!

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Hey, thanks for your interest in Ottoneu - hope you’re able to fill out your league!

We have a category for “new to Ottoneu” leagues called Ottoneu 101 - interested in classifying this league as that?

Yes, that would be great!

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Quick update on this - we are still looking for some more owners to fill out the league.

The league link, if interested in checking out more of the settings is here: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Baseball

Note that the auction date indicated on the league page is a temporary placeholder - the auction date is TBD and will be confirmed once the league is full.

I’d be interested in joining the league but it depends on the draft day as I can’t make it if it’s March 26-27.

A buddy and I are interested in joining, have you checked out the managers looking board? You could have some luck reaching out to managers who have posted there!!

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Afternoon, I kept hearing about these leagues in all my draft prep for this season and am very interested in being a part of one of these as it grows.

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Thanks everyone.

We currently have 2 spots left, and have set draft dates of March 17 and 18 (starting 9ET/6PT).

I’m interested. Is this going to be a dynasty league?

Thanks for your interest. We are full now, but I can reach out to you if anything changes!


I am the commissioner of a new Ottoneu league we have just created. It is a $50, H2H Sabr Points league. We are looking for players who will be committed season-long. If you are interested I have attached the link to the league here so you can join. Have a good one.

I’d like to hear a little more about the league. I’m an experienced dynasty owner but new to Otteneu.

Do you still have an opening available in your league?

I’d love to join, have had trouble finding leagues where people stay involved. Never played Ottoneu but I’ll stay committed.


Thanks for reaching out. We don’t have any openings at the moment, but I can keep you posted if something comes up.