New Ottoneu Player - First Draft Question

I am playing Ottoneu for the first time by taking over an existing orphaned team. Our league draft is this Sunday the 24th. After the deadline cuts I have 22 players and have used $237 of my budget. Overall keeper roster is pretty balanced.

My question is how people approach a draft in an existing league. Is there a target number of players to target? Is there an amount of budget people want to still have available after the draft?

Seems like drafting a month before opening day I would want to be less than 40 players to give more flexibility but I may be off there.

Ottoneu looks great and really excited to give it a shot this year. Appreciate the advice!


Would recommend trying to keep $8-$10 free heading into the season. Some teams draft 38 players for the reason you mention so they can have roster flexibility in-season, but sometimes the $1 bin at the end of the auction is the best place to pick up a lottery pick since most other teams are not engaged or can’t spend. Overall, look for value where you can, but most importantly fill out the positional needs of your roster and buy some guys you really like. Have some fun with it.


Thanks Lucky! Makes a ton of sense. Appreciate the feedback.