New player: Lineup Question

Totally new to this.

Yesterday I played Justin Turner at 3rd. For today’s lineup his stats are filled in. Does that mean I can use him again today? Is my 3B slot filled for the week or can I sub in someone else and get points daily?

Also important for my RP.

I’m in Fangraphs H2H.

First off, welcome to Ottoneu!

Depends entirely on your league’s settings. You can link me to your league home page, but either you have daily lineups and can change your lineup every day, or you have one lineup for the whole week.

The lineup page should let you know which is which - if you can change your 3B and the date in the top left says 7/24, you have daily lineups and should manage your lineup every day.

LMK if that helps.


League is below. So in my case (Death Valley Heaters), Justin Turner’s stats will become cumulative between yesterday and today’s games?

Yeah so you have daily lineups. Every day you can put players in and out of your lineup. Your team’s total production will consist of a cumulation of anyone who was in your lineup (not on the Bench, etc) during your H2H game.