New playoff and division options

Sometime this week, we’ll be rolling out new playoff and division options for Ottoneu Fantasy Football.

Divisions: You can now pick from 1, 2, or 3 divisions.
Playoffs: You can now pick between 4, 6, or 8 playoff teams

These options will be available under commissioner tools. They are not available when creating a league yet, but you can change the settings immediately.

Our goal is to give more teams a chance to compete for longer into the football season, and we believe these new options do just that. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!


These new options are now live!

Niv - How do the playoff seedings work? If I change it to a 6 team playoff with 2 divisions does it take 3 teams from each division or the winners of each division are the top seeds and its the best remaining 4 teams overall?

This year, the division winners make the playoffs and the remaining playoff teams are picked from the rest of the league by best record, regardless of division.

Niv, any thought to providing an option to allow the commish to assign the #6 seed to either the team with the best overall record (outside the first five), or the team with the most overall points scored YTD (when playoffs begin)?

As a self-serving example, I have an H2H team that scored the most overall points in the league on September 1st, but missed the playoffs due to record. My team had scored almost 1,700 more points YTD than the 6th seed team.

Chance is the nature of H2H, but this would be a nice option for commissioners to select ahead of time.

This is a football-related thread and not a wishlist post. There is a football wishlist request for custom playoffs:

If this gets addressed for football this season it will probably be looked at for baseball in the future as well.