New Position Eligibility In Lineup


Yesterday, Andrew Vaughn made his 5th start at OF, and therefore gained OF eligibility. I saw the OPL construction started him in OF yesterday, as he scored positive points. Normally, if Vaughn got OF yesterday, we couldn’t have started him at OF that game, only subsequent games, but is it expected that he can slot in to the lineup at his new position the day he gains eligibility? Just wanted to call it out, thanks!

Lineup yesterday:

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Yep, that is expected. New positional eligibility is added at 4am every day, and the system optimizes the previous day’s lineup up until a hour before the next day’s games. So Vaughn got OF around 4am ET and the system is continuing to optimize based on yesterday’s results and current position eligibility until 1pm ET today.

This system is in place in order to capture as many scoring adjustments as possible before the new day of games starts.

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