New to Ottoneu and have questions

Having a meeting tonight to discuss moving my 30-year league to Ottoneu,
The main questions I have relate to the ability to change the settings of the league setup like the length of the auction timer and
different categories for scoring. Also how do we load our keeper rosters for draft day? Nominate all the kept players with salary then have nobody bid?
We also charge per transaction, so how do I see all moves, including internals? The Commish (me) keeps track to charge fees.
Any help?

You cannot change scoring options other than the 6 formats that Ottoneu has: 4x4 (Ottoneu version), 5x5 (traditional), FGPts, Sabr Pts, H2H FGPts, H2H Saber Pts.

I don’t believe that the length of the auction timer can be changed.

The commish can manually add players with an assigned salary via commissioner tools.

There’s a transaction log page. I don’t believe that there’s a CSV export option, though.

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