No discount for expired teams going forward

There is no longer a discount for teams that are expired in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball.

The discount was more often than not being taken advantage of by users who were less serious about committing to a single league and more serious about getting a financial advantage, especially in prize leagues. Ottoneu leagues do better with less owner turnover, which means new owners should commit to participating in a league. Discounts undermined this.

As always, let us know if you have any thoughts about this!


@nivshah, sorry just seeing this. On the claim a team page the prices to pick up expired teams still shows half price. I claimed a team for what I thought was $24.99 and paid with PayPal, at the end of the transaction it said I had paid $49.99. Also, the team doesn’t show up in my dashboard. Would be great if I could get my money back.

Email and we will help you out.

The prices on the claim teams page have been updated.