[NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Owner Wanted - ORIGINAL (2011) 4x4 League ($20)

ORIGINAL 4x4 league (started in 2011) needs a new owner ASAP. Competitive, active and low-cost, only $20. The previous owner did not make cuts, so you will be allowed to make penalty-free cuts and therefore have complete control over keepers! Come join us and make your mark immediately.

Team is “Threee Orange Whips” in league #34: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/34/team?team=343 , which has star power in Vlad, Burnes, Woodruff and others.

Contact me or claim this team today: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/claimteams

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Z…looks like you just got your owner for Whips…glad to see that…I was lurking around, thinking I might claim it, but I have three teams already…that was my team through 2020 (Kekambas)…looks like a solid group is still around…good luck this season

Yes, I certainly remember! We did fill this slot, but always have a little turnover year to year. So if you’re ever looking to add a team in the offseason, check us out. We’d be happy to have you back. Good luck to you!

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