No red X for hitter Ohtani despite not being in lineup

Not sure if this is related, but Ohtani the hitter did not get the red x even though he’s out of the lineup today:

I did not have autobench turned on, so not sure if that would’ve worked.

Ah yeah he would not have been autobenched if this red X didn’t show up, I believe. I don’t have autobench on either so I’m not sure.

I’ll look into why Ohtani didn’t get a red X today.

EDIT It’s probably for the same reason no one with pitching eligibility gets a red X. Gonna be a minute to unpack this but I’ll get it fixed.

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I think the behavior here should be that the hitting version of Ohtani shoudl be benched if yuou have auto-bench on and he’s not in the lineup. Also the hitter’s version should show a red X if he’s not in the lineup and maybe doesn’t need to show if he’s pitching, and the pitcher version should only show if he’s pitching and not his spot in the batting order.

I’ll work towards these goals today.

Awesome, sounds good. Thanks Niv!

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Auto-bench worked for me. Benched the hitter version and kept his pitcher version in the same SP slot.

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Great, unexpected but great!

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There should now be a red X for Ohtani if he is not in the lineup as a hitter. This will appear in both the hitter and pitcher sections, as well as anywhere else his game information is displayed.