No RP Pitchers All Year

Is not having RP for most of the year within the Rules?

No, not in my opinion.

I think someone from your league asked about this in Slack, and I pointed them to this article:

Thanks , I read it. I wouldn’t mind if he was a little short from time to time but we are talking about he doesn’t have a RP on his roster.

I have no way of knowing how common this is. I’m in one league (235) where one team has no relievers, one team has one reliever and one team has only four outfielders one of which does double duty as the team’s only first baseman. These teams are run by people with lots of experience. In this league, last year, when I tried to point out to a player that he was breaking rule 1a, he said that required a rule in the league’s constitution. It’s frustrating, but people play for different reasons. I’m not the one to cast stones.


Opinions on this rule, especially the nuance of RP vs SP, are sure to vary widely across Ottoneu. The fact of the matter is that there is no enforcement beyond what individual league commissioners do.

I don’t believe any of the leagues I am in have addressed the rule but the issue hasn’t really come up either. I do wish there was more discussion of this rule in my leagues because I believe there are some interesting competitive angles to consider and it’s best to do it before there is controversy.

Some of my thoughts:

  • If you reach your catcher game limit, can you drop your catchers and add other positions or must you carry players you cannot start in their position? (The Util spot is available, but C are rarely the best option).

  • RP is the one position in the game where you cannot know before the game if they will play or not, so is it really filling out a lineup if they don’t play?

  • SP and RP can technically be slotted into any P spot. So doesn’t that technically meet the rule as it’s written? In addition to Rule 1a, specifically this portion:

“…regardless of any games started, games played or innings limits,”

there is also Rule 1Fv:

“All pitchers can be placed in either SP or RP positions on the lineup and roster organizer pages. However they will only accrue statistics if you use them in the same manner as their MLB team”

  • Regarding pitching, if you are on pace to meet your IP limit (or some minimum innings) does it really matter that you don’t have some number of RP?

In my situation. I am in two leagues with the same owner who doesn’t have any RP’s. In one league he never had any relievers and is the commissioner. I think it is clear that you have to have 5.

I agree it is frustrating.

I am a no RP owner for the most part- I may occasionally carry one or two of the “elite” guys if price allows it. I think in terms of strategy, for me, it’s better to roll with 10 SP that I believe can carry my team to 1250+ IP at good rates and spending the roster/cap space elsewhere.

I think a simpler solution than imposing positional minimums would be to move the minimum IP threshold to 1458 IP (162 games * 9IP). Requires most teams to carry at least 10 pitchers, likely 12 to cover injuries and skipped starts over a season. If the 1500 IP max was also kept in place, all teams would be gunning a similar strategy as the extra 42IP doesn’t move the needle significantly, but can help guys with workhorse SP or an elite reliever.