Non-playoff teams locked out from adding players during playoffs

Commish should be able to lock non-playoff teams from picking up players. Also, all college players should become ineligible to be auctioned during the playoffs.

You kinda have to lock if for everyone or nobody, right? These are keeper leagues and non-playoff teams can’t be locked out from acquiring players. That would be a horrible commissioner decision.

My “wish” is that during the playoffs, non-playoff teams are locked out from picking up players. The reason for this is: those teams are out; by allowing them to continue adding players, it can affect the playoff teams.

I would also like to be able to lock out all college players from being added during the playoffs. The reason for this is that if the non-playoff teams are locked out, the playoff teams should not get any advantage by having the ability to add players who won’t help them in the playoffs.

In Yahoo Fantasy Football, the Commish has the ability to lock out non-playoff teams. This was actually an issue a few years ago in one of my leagues in which a team was accused of picking up players at a certain position to help his friend who was in the playoffs.

I get what your saying. You’d probably need to require that ALL players added during the playoffs must be cut, or something like that. Otherwise, making the playoffs becomes a massive keeper advantage.

Fantasy playoffs coincide with the end of the NFL season which is when everyone is looking to make keeper decisions, and searching for potential keeper values. Shutting down the ability to add players during the last month of the NFL season kind of removes a lot of the motive behind keeper leagues. Seems like a good rule for single season leagues, but a bad option for a keeper based format.

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This is basically correct. Playoff teams should be able to remedy injuries or other situations that arise, and teams not in the playoffs have to be able to participate in that market. Commissioners have discretion on how they run their leagues and have the power to enforce these kinds of house rules. However I think these suggestions will result in poor outcomes for playoff auctions and league health.

Good points.

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