Not able to Bid on Penalty-Free Cut post draft

Hey @Niv, @Paulo is apparently having trouble bidding on a player he just Penalty Free cut after taking over a team post-draft. League 935.

Did the below ever get resolved per:

When was the player cut and was there a draft in between the cut and the auction being started?

Draft ended yesterday. Cuts were this morning. Auction started soon after cut. New owner took over post draft.

Ok, I think this is as expected, unfortunately. The offseason is defined as the end of the previous season’s arbitration up until whenever the league’s draft is. Penalty-free cuts are meant to extend the keeper deadline for teams that have ownership changes, but the keeper deadline only exists so that owners can properly prepare for the draft. If a team uses penalty-free cuts after the draft, they cannot re-auction or bid on those players within 30 days.

I think you got the gist of that from the other thread, but writing it out here so that the logic is clear and if it doesn’t make sense can be discussed.

Understood. We both must have misunderstood the PF Cuts / Auction rule. (I think it is a little unclear in the Basics post I replied to). Thanks for the clarification. I’ll work it out in league with Commissioner tools.

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