Notification email upon trade processing

It’d be great if the two owners involved in the trade could receive an email when a trade does (or does not) process. I set a reminder for myself to get those players in the lineup, but an email notification would be even better. Thanks!

Bumping this, thanks!

Thanks for the bump. I’m interested in doing this but have a couple of other things in the pipeline. Will update when I have time to work on this.

There is now an email sent upon a trade processing in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. This email is only sent to the two teams involved in the trade, not to the entire league.

You can choose to not receive these emails on your Profile page. The relevant checkbox is “Trade processed”.

Hopefully this helps people get players into their lineups as soon as in-season trades are completed!

These emails will come to football and basketball at some point soon.



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This is an excellent specification. Thank you.