Notification when a player on your watchlist is nominated in draft

The watchlist is great for keeping tabs on players that you want to nominate, but I think it would be helpful if there were some kind of visual or audio indication when someone else nominated a player on your watchlist to draw your attention to it.

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Didn’t this used to be the case?

Based on the code I am working on now, no. :grimacing:

I think there used to be a situation where a ding would happen when watchlist players were nominated, but I changed it so that there is a ding every time an auction starts, which is more useful.

My plan here is to try and highlight player names when they were on your watchlist.

Ok, players who are on your draft watchlist are now highlighted in yellow when they are up for bidding. They will be removed from your watchlist once the auction ends.

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There is a unique sound for when a player off your draft watchlist is nominated now.