Number One

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The “Number One” badge is awarded to owners who places #1 overall among teams in @eamuscatuli monthly Ottoneu Power Rankings on RotoGraphs (any format).

To earn this badge, you must reply to this thread by posting a link to your team and @eamuscatuli article showing your #1 ranking.

You can earn this badge multiple times.

You can view a list of all potential badges here.


Should this be based on the monthly rankings, or just at year end?


Monthly. Any team can claim it if they are #1 in a given month; can claim it multiple times if they hit the top spot in several months


Zeezils #1 2016 4x4 team:


By the way, why weren’t there any power rankings for this past season? I miss those.


cc @eamuscatuli the king of power rankings

My guess is that they aren’t out yet because I haven’t given Justin some stuff he politely asked for a few weeks ago…


There weren’t any published all season. Or did I miss them?