Nyy at det 9/11

Any chance I can get my Yankees and tigers out of lineup? PLAYOFFS!

Too late. Damn it. I had 3 guys ready to go in their place, but who wants to sit Judge, Voit, and Enc vs Boyd, so I waited and waited. Postponed right at game time:(

I feel you. Same. Man, same. Maybe next year we can figure out a good postpone solution.

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It’s similar to the late scratch.

I think a kind of AI assistant would be an interesting add. Something where you can select things like:

  • Please substitute player B for player A if player A doesn’t start.
    Or more generally…
  • Please bench any player that doesn’t start

I think AI idea number one would be interesting in that it would reward depth. You have to have a player B.

Of course a true AI would just need to be told:

  • Please set my lineups at the last possible minute for maximum wins

Well it’s a risk calculation I took as the game approached. I calculated wrong.

I think it should be- if MLB marks a game as postponed or cancelled, the players are unlocked. It would be just like a game start time change.

The only problem is, of course, a delay is a change to an unknown start time.

But an unlock if the game is declared by MLB as not starting at scheduled time.