Off Season Enforce-able Caps

Via several conversations on slack:

It sounds like several leagues already manually enforce some of these ideas, but might be a nice addition to commish customization to add them built into league.

Basically, if you are in violation of these during offseason or at start of offseason you won’t be able to trade.

  • Variable Off-season Salary Cap: $4xx - teams must not exceed off season salary cap, if they do at the start or during any point they must cut down below cap in order to trade.

  • Off Season 40 Man Roster: This is already a rule, but currently does not prevent players from trading. Basically if you exceed 40 man roster size, you have to cut down to legal size before you can trade. 60 DL does not exist in MLB during off-season so you cannot technically exceed 40 players throughout the offseason.

I’m imagining a section in commish tools where you could key in offseason salary cap limit/player cap limit and then having it prevent trading/have a warning message.

Not sure how viable this is or how many leagues might want it.

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To clarify: This would be able to be turned on/off as it’s not in the standard ruleset. It would/should be set to disabled until an commissioner elects to enable it.