Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Please type out the player’s name you want added in order to make a proper request.

Players are automatically added to the system when they start playing minor league baseball, so the only drafted players to request adding are the ones you plan on auctioning in the near-term. If that’s true about the Pirates 16th round pick, that’s great, but then please type out the name of the player with the proof of the signing to make my life a little easier.



Please add Nico Hoerner, SS, Chicago Cubs

Thank you in advance!

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He’s already in there. Make sure you check the box to search for minor leaguers.

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Keono Cavaco, 3B, MIN

Brett Baty, 3B, NYM

Corbin Carroll

As always,
Thank you,

Keono Cavaco, Brett Baty, and Corbin Carroll have been added

Adley Rutschman

Adley Rutschman has been added

Andrew Vaughn signed with white Sox

Andrew Vaughn has been added

CJ Abrams seems to have two profiles which is the right one to add?

Bryson Stott, SS, PHI

There should only be one CJ Abrams now.

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Bryson Stott has been added.

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Hunter Bishop SF

Hunter Bishop has been added.

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Jasson Dominguez the number one international prospect signed with yankees today.

Mlb pipeline

The #Yankees have agreed to a deal for approximately $5 million with No. 1-ranked international prospect Jasson Dominguez and a $1.2 million deal with No. 18 Jhon Diaz, both 16-year-old outfielders from the Dominican Republic. More from @JesseSanchezMLB: