Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Request players to be added to the ottoneu Fantasy Baseball player universe here! Please include a link to the official announcement of the player signing with a Major League team. “Agreed to terms” does not count!

A few rules to make this thread work better:

  1. Please check if the player is already in the system. Search by their name and include minor leaguers before requesting a player here. The more time I have to spend figuring out if players are in the system the less time I have to work on other things.
  2. Please include links to the player’s FanGraphs profile, as that speeds up the process considerably. It is okay if the player doesn’t have a FanGraphs profile yet, but check for one first if possible.
  3. Do not ask about positions until you give the player a full day in the system, as position eligibility is added overnight.

Red sox prospect
When are MLB Amateur Draft players added to the player pool?
Brent Suter
Player not in the player pool
Player not in the player pool

Can we get Kyle Lewis added? Mariners have signed him per MLBTR:


Kyle Lewis has been added


Could you please look at add Brock Stewart at some point (


Brock Stewart has been added


Youlieski Gourriel please


Did he sign somewhere? Could you paste a link with an official announcement of him signing?


Didn’t sign, but he’s a free agent: This isn’t like a draftee. More like Greg Holland, who’s in the system.


Requirement for Cuban free agents is the same as it is for any other player, which is that they must be signed. He’ll be added once he signs.


Okay, but of course that’s going to make headlines that my competitors will likely read.


Nick Senzel - Reds?


Nick Senzel has been added


They’ll also read the email letting them know an auction was started, right? You won’t sneak the guy by them.


Brady Aiken, SP -


Brady Aiken was added last year, when he signed. He might not have P eligibility yet since he hasn’t actually pitched.


I can’t seem to find Astros’ AAA pitcher Joe Musgrove when I search, nor on free agent leaderboards?



Just realized I forgot to include minor leaguers on the search haha my bad I feel like a fool now



There’s no way to separate pitching and hitting? Brady Aiken as a util is pretty misleading