Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Yordan Alvarez and Royce Lewis have been added


Please add Austin Beck and Evan White, draftees that have just signed

Athletics Agree To Terms With First-Rounder Austin Beck

Mariners Sign First-Rounder Evan White


Austin Beck and Evan White have been added


Luke Voit (1B) AAA Memphis Cardinals


Johan Camargo- Atlanta Braves Utility man


Johan Carmargo and Luke Volt have been added


Kyle Wright signed with Braves

There’s a Kyle Wright that pops up when you search for him, but he doesn’t have any information available so I could make sure this was the right Kyle Wright.


It is:

Not to call you out specifically, but everyone who requests players, please review the recent posts on this thread before posting. Thank you!


Cameron Perkins - Phillies


Cam Perkins has been added. First name ‘Cam’ per FanGraphs


Apologies I feel stupid. Thanks for your hard work.


Ah not my intention at all. Just a good reminder for everyone, since the player additions come fast this time of the year.


Adam Haseley has signed with the Phillies


Adam Haseley has been added


I was searching some old first round picks and couldnt find James Ramsey, he is playing for the Tacoma Rainers. If you could take a look I would appreciate it.


James Ramsey has been added


Terry (or Terriez) Fuller signed with STL


Terry Fuller has been added


Thank you, I really appreciate all the work you do so we can enjoy this exceptional fantasy baseball platform.


Niv, you’re the man! Got another one for you: Austin Hays, Orioles prospect

(also, quick spelling alert… Luke Voit is in there as Luke Volt… but thanks for getting him in regardless!