Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Please add Niko Decolati to the player database. He played 69 games for the Colorado Rockies affiliate in the Pioneer League last season (Grand Junction). In the 2019 Baseball America Prospect Handbook he’s listed as the Rockies 29th best prospect.

Here’s a link to his Baseball Reference page:


Niko Decolati has been added


Niv, can you add OF Travis Swaggerty (Pit)

and OF Julio Pablo Martinez (Tex)


Both added last year. Include minors and don’t specify a position when searching for them. And of course search this thread before requesting players, they may have already been added.


Neither had teams attached to them, so it wasn’t clear if these were the right guys.


Hi Niv,

Can you please add Ethan Hankins to the player database?



Ethan Hankins has been added


Can you add Diego Cartaya from the dodgers?


Diego Cartaya has been added


Hi Niv,

Can you add Cubs OF Brennen Davis to the player pool?


Brennen Davis has been added


Hi Niv,

Can you please add Kevin Alcantara to the player pool? Thanks


Bo Naylor (CLE)


Kevin Alcantara and Bo Naylor have been added


Can you add Estanli Castillo (Rays) to the pool. Thanks


Estanli Castillo has been added

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Hey NIv. A bunch of new ones for you. Thanks!
Clarke Schmidt
Roberto Chirinos
Joe Palumbo
Alek Thomas
Logan Gilbert
Josiah Gray

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Perfect post, thank you! Everyone here was added except Joe Palumbo, who is in the system as “Joseph”. I’ll change his first name to Joe shortly.

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Hello-Can you please add Taylor Clarke on the D’Backs?