Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

Grant Taylor has been added

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Thanks as always, Niv!

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Blake Wolters SP KCR

Blake Wolters has been added

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Paulino Santana OF TEX

I didn’t see a FanGraphs profile, but here’s an article for reference:

Thank you Niv!

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Quinn Mathews SP STL

Hey Matt can you help me with a link to the signing or something? Will get him added tomorrow!

I don’t have a signing link, but he played in the breakout game yesterday (pitched in relief).

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Quinn Mathews has been added

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Hi, can you add Kyle Carr pitcher…yankees #12 prospect?

Kyle Carr has been added

Ryan Birchard MiLB P for the Brewers

Ryan Birchard has been added.

Please in the future include a link to either the players’ FG profile, or if they don’t have one their MiLB page, and if they don’t have one of those, some indication that they are a real person that signed a contract with an American baseball team.