Offseason Calendar

What are the 2017-2018 offseason dates that I should make my league aware of? Right now on the calendar page, it still has the 16-17 schedule.

And just so I’m clear - between end of season and start of arbitration, teams can only cut players. Between arbitration and the keeper deadline, teams can cut players and make trades. And then between the keeper deadline and auction, there is NO player movement whatsoever, correct?


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Check this out from @rjweise

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I’ll go ahead and answer the questions specifically raised by @JCook32

You can cut players all off-season, but you should not cut anyone until the keeper deadline.

  1. Arbitration starts on October 15 and goes until November 15
  2. On November 15 arbitration will be finalized and you can make trades again
  3. By the end of the day on January 31, all trades must be submitted and all cuts must be made. You must have a legal team per roster and salary cap limits.
  4. No roster moves can be made from January 31 until your auction draft is marked as completed.
  5. You now can now operate fully, trades, cuts, auctions, waiver claims.

Thanks to an auction on the final day of the regular season, my team is now in an illegal state. Can I hold off on cutting anybody until after arbitration?

I guess. There isn’t a player or cap limit going into the off-season, but that is mostly for teams carrying 60-day DL guys, since the 60-day DL disappears.

While the site doesn’t explicitly make you cut someone, it seems against the spirit of the rules not to. There’s been longer debate about this in Slack and I think it basically boils down to what your league is comfortable with.

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