Ok so I could use some opinions

I’m in an ottoneu 4x4 league and have had some degree of success over the past two seasons

I’m considering sending two high salary, high productivity players to waivers and back filling with somewhat less productive but dramatically less expensive players.

I suppose that’s the essence of this game, so it seems to make sense. I’m not really interested in trading them, because I don’t want to trade $$$. I’m thinking I’d like to go into the draft with 20% of my cap to spend and a handful of roster spots to fill.

One driver of this idea is I have a lot of 1B depth and a very expensive 1B.

I could probably forget the whole thing and roll out my team as is and be competitive. But I can’t stop thinking that shedding those salaries and using the cap space to add depth and youth and still look to compete is really how this game is to be played.

Anyone have any advice on this?

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Could you not trade the high salary player for a cheaper player that you want, then go into the draft with both cash and a roster spot filled?

most teams have a 1B that puts up good numbers, has a surplus value, or both…it really devalues the 1B once his salary gets to the $40-$50 range

at least half of the teams in this League will be 10 to 20% over cap coming out of arbitration, a couple will be at 25% over…I’m expecting them to shed players and salary, rather than take on or exchange dollars

seems there comes a point where despite the player performance level, the cost becomes prohibitive

that said, you make a good point, but maybe the best play might be to sell off the surplus value and very selectively take on some of the contracts others are looking to shed

thanks for the input…damn, I like this game

Can you be more specific so we can offer better advice? Which players are you thinking of cutting, and at what prices?

Also, there is no waivers or trading of salary ($$$) in the off season, so this is really just a keep, cut, or trade question on those specific player, right?

In general the goal of the off season should be to acquire players under their market value (gain surplus value). It’s not impossible, but the annual player auction is one of the worst places to target value prior to the start of a season.

ok…I have Goldschmidt at $50, and a number of surplus value options at 1B

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At $50 for Goldy in 4 x 4 I’d be holding or at the very least trading. Just as an example, if I had $60 budgeted for three positions (1B, CI, UTIL), I’d rather keep a $50 Goldy and take a chance on finding two $5 breakout picks (the next Justin Smoak, etc.) than spend $20 each on those three positions. Goldy’s about as good as they come because the risk seems very low.