Old Man TC's league needs 1 owner for next year. $20 old school 5x5 league

I am in a league that has already had a few owners drop out before the new season starts. We would like to get them filled during the arbitration period. Please take a look.




Direct link to the league: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Old Man TC's Old School Roto

Team One - Evil Empire - Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Old Man TC's Old School Roto - Evil Empire

Team Two - Wandering Fools - Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Old Man TC's Old School Roto - Wandering Fools

Team Three - No It’s Iowa - Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Old Man TC's Old School Roto - No It's Iowa

I’m interested in Wandering Fools. Is there someone I can connect with to get more details?

Go ahead and ask me.

Thanks Chris. I’m a longtime dynasty player, but I’m new to ottoneu so I don’t know some of the nuances that undoubtedly play an important role in managing a team on the platform.

The biggest question for me - as someone who will inherit a team finished poorly - is what the expected roster churn is each year for this league.

I understand it varies from year to year and league to league, but understanding a range would help me calibrate expectations for how long of a turnaround project this is - and if it’s even possible in a reasonable amount of time.

Appreciate your insight.

Being from Iowa and in love with Fantasy baseball - I’d be interested in the No it’s Iowa team.

I know nothing about Ottoneu leagues but just won a H2H weekly points and a H2H daily Cats league.

Looking for something new and fun to get a better understanding of the Fantasy Baseball world.

You can email me here (ericvillhauer@gmail.com) if you can’t catch me on this forum (which I’m just learning now)

I think I’m going to try to get into a start up league actually so I can start fresh in a brand new format.

But i’m also interested in a league with experienced players so I’m still interested.

I can tell you exactly what the roster churn was this year. One of the great aspects of Ottoneu are the wonderful tools for gathering data. During the season, this league collectively added 493 players, 463 by auction and 30 by waiver claim. The league collectively cut 423 players. This is probably a little on the low side as one manager dropped out right after the draft for health reasons. Any reasonably active player will have to churn some, but the penalty for dropping players does put a damper on churning.

No Its Iowa has been claimed.

I’ve claimed Wandering Fools. Looking forward to it. Thanks for all the info.

Evil Empire still available.

Evil has been claimed but just had two owners abandon the league - Yari and Wanderlust.

Would like to get new owners before arbitration is over.

Thank you.


Yari claimed. Wanderlust still available.

Back to needing two owners. No It’s Iowa is back to being available along with Wanderlust.



Wanderlust claimed. Still have No it’s Iowa available.