One Owner Wanted - $99.99 FG Points League 6th year Drafting Tonight!

We had a last second bailout in our 6th year FG Points $99.99 league. We’re drafting tonight at 8:30 EDT - would love to have someone fill in! League # is 389

I will get in if you still have a spot.

THIS IS NOT A NEW LEAGUE? Let me look at the team can you give me the name of the team I would be taking over?

That’s right - it’s a sixth year league. The team is called philly phanatics

Ok let me get to work. Do you have to send an invite out for the team to be claimed. I can still make cuts before the draft?

The only thing I ask is that u let me make some cuts before the draft.

Awesome! Yeah you can definitely make cuts. I think you can go to the ottoneu page where they show available teams and you can claim it from there.

ok I will do it now

Can you cut Gurriel, OH, Bowman, and Wilson. It locked me out after I made first cuts.