Opening in $120 league with 5milb rosters

We’ve got an opening in a long-standing league. It is a $20 league, but we also have a $100 LeageSafe buy-in. The league also has 5milb rosters, which allow you to roster 5 prospects that don’t count toward your roster spots or budget. Here’s a link to the team and the 5milb rosters.

The team is available to be claimed, let me know if you have any questions about it though.

This team is still available. We are ready to start our 5milb draft, so come join us and jump into a MiLB draft!

One prospective owner mentioned a concern that they didn’t want to pay the $100 buy-in with a likely non-contending team. I haven’t discussed it with the league, but I think the league would be open to allowing a new owner to not do the $100 side pot for the first year. You wouldn’t be eligible for the pay-out if you did place next year, but it’d give you a year to rebuild the team.