Opening in 159

We had an owner abandon in 159. It is a highly competitive SABR league established in 2011. The team is paid, and is very talented with Trout, Arenado, Abreu, Carrasco, and Paxton among several others. Please message me if you’re interested. We’d prefer an experienced owner very familiar with Ottoneu.


Team: Mudball Blasters

Hey there El Diablo,

This is Cliff, formerly of the Hillbilly WAR Machine. I’d love to get back into Cooperstown. Messed up last fall and let my team go. The alcohol got in the way, in a bad way. Things are much better now, a few months sober and loving it. One day at a time. If you guys still have an opening, email is


El Diablo,

Saw that you guys found an owner. If that doesn’t work out, I’m still available. Also, keep my email if anything opens up in the future. Thought I’d throw a bone out there, I see the new guy hasn’t made cuts yet or changed the team name.


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