Opening in $50 FG Points League (#844)

There is an opening in league 844 for this team:

Several nice pieces on this team, including Kris Bryant and JD Martinez.

The league includes separate 5MiLB rosters. This team currently has the following minor leaguers: Taylor Trammell (CIN), Franklin Perez (DET), Ryan Mountcastle (BAL), Aramis Ademan (CHC), Hans Crouse (TEX). Another MiLB draft will be held before next season, and any of these minor leaguers can be replaced then.

This league is quite active (just finished its first year), and at least 10 owners will be returning next year. If you’re interested in taking over this team, please shoot me a message. Veteran and new Ottoneu owners equally welcome.

**UPDATE: This team has been claimed.

Am completely new to Ottoneu, but interested in joining a league. Am pretty good at fantasy, but would take some time figuring out the in’s and out’s here. Email me if you’re still looking for a replacement,