Opening in 5x5 $20

Just had an owner abandon team.

Team is titled open. Was a 2nd place team last year.


my apologies - thought our commish had processed the abandonment. I will keep you posted. Again my apologies for the premature notice.

Commish finally abandoned the team.

Again - team name is currently called Open

Note - league uses the vote off system so there will be RFAs for the draft.

team still available - can be found listed on the “claim a team” section of the dashboard. League name is Just a Bit Outside.


Hey, I’m interested!

When is your auction draft?

Do you guys use any outside communication tools?

Just an FYI - I am not the commish of the league, just an owner that is on here often so decided to post the opening.

Draft day usually isn’t discussed until after deadline so everyone can concentrate on making deals.

As for outside communication, that would be a commish question but my communication with the league as been all internal using message board and league inbox.

Hope you decide to join. Good group with very little turnaround each year.

Ok, I’m in!

Should I just claim it or is there another step to this process?

Just claim it. Thanks.

Team has now been claimed.