Opening in Bull Durham (52)

We have an opening in League 52 @BullDurham52, one of the oldest leagues in Ottoneu (since 2011). Sad to see a long time member leave but he is moving to Europe and cannot play this season. Link to his roster is below. Looking for someone with Ottoneu experience who is in for the long haul.

Come join us! Great league!

Hi LuckyStrikes,

I’m interested in taking over the available roster if it is still available. I have not played Ottoneu before, but I have played in Roto leagues (5x5 and 6x6) for almost 20 years. Seven or eight of those years have been in keeper leagues with escalating salary schemes. Regularly winning leagues filled with casual players has gotten boring (ridiculously obvious humblebrag alert!), so I’m ready to join a hard core league that dives deep into the player pool and challenges me to up my game. I’m a regular FanGraphs reader, so I’m familiar with the community and Ottoneu rules.



When might the draft be?

A thumbs up from the Knights! If I take over the squad, I promise to do honor to the legacy of the mighty and noble Knights!

It looks like the draft already happened, right?

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I guess I missed out. If you know of any other leagues then like me know. I am more interested in H2H but would consider other styles at this late date.

Thanks to all who inquired but we have filled this position. Will revisit in the future if there is another spot open.

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We have a newly open roster in @BullDurham52, a FGPTS league established in 2011. The open roster is:

Please let me know if you have any interest in joining this league. More info here:

Hi, I’m interested. I sent you a message on Slack. Thanks.

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Hey this is James from Slack. I’d love to take over the team. I am very active and will definitely follow. I’m looking forward to joining and winning that championship :wink:

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