OPL History Overall Leaderboard

In my hype for OPL season, I was poking into the OPL History page last night, and noticed the Overall Leaderboard for both seasons only has the winner on it. I’m thinking this leaderboard is showing the total points for the winner at the end of Round 3. If that’s the case, could all 100 teams who competed in Round 3 show up on this board?

Also, another minor note, it appears the team names on the history page change as the current team names change. It’d be neat if it were possible to keep the team names as a snapshot in time. I know many managers change their names year-to-year, and the History page could commemorate that particular edition of a team. Not sure how much of a hassle this is, but figured I’d share.

Thanks for making OPL possible! Looking forward to the season.

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This would be cool, its fun to peruse the rosters.

There is an old wishlist/discussion on team name history.

Overall leaderboards for completed seasons now show the entire set of teams that entered OPL.

In the current season, the overall leaderboard will continue to not include teams that have been eliminated.

Like @Leif mentioned, storing historical team names are a separate wish list item that I’m ambivalent about, but that other thread can be used for that particular conversation.


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Makes sense, thanks Niv.

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