OPL lineup page showing Ohtani at SP3, points do not count

Here is something i found with the scoring for my team, Some Slapdicks, on June 2. When you go to my team’s scoring for that day, it sums to 159.9. The daily and round totals, however, only account for 154.5. I always wait 24 hrs for these things because they always seem to self correct. But in this case it hasn’t self corrected in 24 hrs.

This has been fixed. I’m checking out other teams on 6/2 to make sure everyone else has the correct score.

Hey Niv, I was just going over that June 2 OPL score sheet (for another purpose, lol) and I just realized that the 5.5 pt difference I pointed out earlier is probably due to Ohtani being counted as a 3rd SP in my lineup. So the daily and round totals were actually gettting it right while this team daily sheet had it wrong. So in actuality, you need to reverse the adjustment and dock me these 5.5 points.

That said, you might possibly have a bug in your code for counting Ohtani as a 3rd SP, presumably when his score is less than two other SP’s, on the daily team scoresheet.

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Although it might seem altruistic of me to point out an overcount on my point total, it potentially has a much bigger effect on my competition where one or more teams might have secured 3rd SP points from Ohtani when he scored 30 or more points.

EDIT: Now that I review this, the competition isn’t getting credit for a 3rd SP as the daily and round totals are correct.

This is a really good find on this bug man, I really appreciate the honesty and helping me out here. I’ll look into it today!

Interestingly the score for that day for that team has reverted back to 154.5. So some part of this is working ok, just the daily page has a display bug showing Ohtani in a made up 3rd SP slot.

I found this as I was modifying a customized OPL scoring tracking sheet I use in MS Excel. Programming for Ohtani, of course, is a bit complicated so I’m guessing this is an Ohtani thing for you, as well. A joy to watch but a pain to account for. Lol

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This is fixed going forward. The points Ohtani scored as “SP3” did not and do not count, so this is (it turns out) a display issue on the lineup page for the following specific scenario:

  1. Team rosters Shohei Ohtani
  2. Ohtani pitches and hits
  3. Pitcher Ohtani has a good but not great outing
  4. Hitter Ohtani doesn’t make the lineup
  5. Team has two other pitchers that score more points than Ohtani after Ohtani is done scoring

In this case, the lineup page will incorrectly show Ohtani in a SP3 slot. The system does not consider pitching Ohtani to be in the lineup and the points correctly reflect that.

Very weird and unique bug that should now be fixed. Bug catcher badge for @rustydude


Niv, your “fix” on this has removed Ohtani (hitting stats) from the daily lineup score page, altogether. Sorry I didn’t bring this to your attention earlier. I’d imagine it’s affecting the daily score pages of all Ohtani owners.

Could you please link to an example?

This shows 2 Ohtanis on the bench, one with hitting stats and another with pitching stats.

Links makes every bug much easier to sort out.

If I look here:

It says Slapdicks scored 56.7 points on the lineup page and Ohtani, who hit 2 HR and should be in the Util slot, has 29 points on the bench.

On this page, it says “Some Slapdicks” scored 85.7 points yesterday. That’s what is added into the overall leaderboards, etc. This number includes Ohtani’s 29 hitting points yesterday.

The scoring is right. The lineup page is showing hitting Ohtani on the bench incorrectly and not including his points, but his points are included in overall OPL scoring correctly.

This should be fixed and Hitter Ohtani should show up on the lineup page in Util going forward. Changes should be reflected for the last couple of weeks sometime tomorrow.