OPL Playoffs: live matchup page?

Hi Niv,

I mentioned earlier today about posting for an OPL wishlist item. No worries if it’s not in the cards, but have you considered linking the “Live” title/text on the matchup header-boxes to a head-to-head matchup page/screen a-la football?

That’s it and that’s all for this one!

It’s more likely that I make something along the lines of this change:

during this week instead of building a whole new live matchup page.

Yeah it doesn’t seem nearly as straightforward or clean as the H2H screens in football, so I’m sure if it were you’d have done it that way originally. Ok, just a thought! Not a big item at all (feel free to delete this from the wishlist).

H2H Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball has a whole gamecenter but that is not used that much, and yeah since these games span multiple dates of best-ball it isn’t quite as clean as a football page.

I can imagine the page would be a mile-long and a mile wide too. Yeah was hoping this was a thing you secretly had a magic-bullet for, but no expectation that’d be the case.