OPL snapshots for teams in an illegal state

Hello, Mr. Shah, and anyone else who may be able to answer as well,

So lineups are snap-shotted on 4/1 at 4am EST… ok. And if a lineup is in an illegal state, then…

-the last time the lineup was in a legal state is what is captured/used, or

-the system waits for the lineup to cut down to size before snapping the image?

Asking because I’m wondering if I can get clever by going over the limit before the season starts (and then cutting my OPL-use-only player(s) immediately after the deadline) or do I have to wait until after 4am 4/1 before I add to the roster (so that I can use the new guy for my actual league, after the deadline). Sorry if I’m not making myself clear, it’s a new thing and I can’t tell if I have the right language to describe the tactic.


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-the last time the lineup was in a legal state is what is captured/used, or

-the system waits for the lineup to cut down to size before snapping the image?


Per the rules:

If an Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball roster is an illegal state at that moment, the OPL system will discard the team’s latest transactions until they are in a legal state

We look at everyone’s team right at 4:00:00 AM ET. If the team is illegal, the last player added to the team (via free agent signing or trade) is removed from the OPL snapshot. This continues until the team is in a legal state.

I appreciate you asking me directly if I built a system that has loopholes in it. The answer is, I believe, no. The system looks at transactions that happened on or before 4:00:00am ET and expire on or after 4:00:00am ET. If in that particular second in time your team is illegal, the last player added to your roster will be removed from the OPL snapshot, though not your ‘home’ team.

Ha, yes I keep my cheating above-board! Guilt spills itself for fear of being spilt!

Thank you.

I think my 1st stated scenario is actually in alignment with your reply and the rule as written. So, for example, if my roster goes illegal between now and the deadline, the system will just look at the last time the roster was legal. This roster-state is ascertained by essentially rewinding transactions until the point that the roster was last legal.

I apologize for the making you cite rules (I did read them!) but I am glad you are able to confirm this with me. I have no idea what my outlook is for OPL, but it’s an opportunity to double-down on the excitement and support you guys at the same time. Win-win, no matter the outcome!!

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Yeah this is kind of true! But we don’t store snapshots of “last time legal” we just roll back players being added to your roster. There are scenarios where “last time legal” and “roll back players until legal” do not align, so that’s why I wrote what I wrote. Functionally, I think “last time legal” will be correct for most teams.

Right right, I follow. Like I said, I don’t quite have the vocabulary to ask as intelligently as I would like to, but I believe I understand what you’re telling me. I suppose there are gray areas that I cannot imagine, but if end up in such a state it won’t be overly complicated.

No such thing as a free lunch, every add costs salary and opportunity, so personally while I may cross into the red very briefly, to do so egregiously will cost teams more than it will help them. In other words, I do not think you left a loophole to be exploited. Just a little roster shenanigans here, which happen in the course of time anyway!

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You definitely can plan around the snapshot and I expect people to do exactly that. We talked about this on an upcoming Ottobot Podcast. I think that’s what’s referred to as a teaser @eamuscatuli.

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Nicely done, you are definitely a pro podcaster now! I’ll be looking for that to drop for sure.

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So essentially if you’re at 41/40 at 4 AM because you added a RP and the Yankees announced Britton will go to the 60 day when they add Bruce to their roster (but that hasn’t happened by 4:00 am) the RP you added won’t count until the 60 day add is rectified that morning?

If a player is not on the 60 day IL when it’s time to take the snapshot, they won’t add a roster spot to your team. This means they need to have a “60IL” next to their name on the site.

If you have 41 players and 40 roster spots, whoever was added last to your team will be removed from the OPL roster.