OPL Strategy - do I have enough SS

I have 4 SS-eligible players for my team that’s performing in OPL this year. They are:

  • Seager
  • Chris Taylor
  • David Fletcher
  • Gio Urshela

Is that enough or do I need one more? Available FA include Andres Gimenez, Paul Dejong, Joey Windle, Nich Ahmed, Andrelton Simmons, Ramon Urias, Jonathan Villar.

I have 8 2B-eligible players so I’m not concerned about the MI position, but I’m afraid I might score pretty low at SS if/when Seager has an off night.


Four SS-eligible players should be more than enough. I wouldn’t add unproductive players just for coverage. I think most would frown on carrying 5 catchers, for example.


I actually did some probability analysis for OPL that I never got around to posting. It shows that four guys should cover one position 98% of the time. So I think you should be good. I’m sure there’s somewhere else that you can use that roster spot to get better coverage.


You are correct in your fear. Make a trade.

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My instinct is to add 1 more SS, but walkerpilot and koalastorm make a good point… I won’t add someone just for the sake of adding them. If I don’t think they’d contribute 1-2x per week, I won’t bother