OPL & Suspended Players

Aroldis Chapman specifically. How will OPL handle his eligibility after the 2 games are served? Any roster accommodations we need to consider?

Suspended players give an extra roster spot, so if a player has the SUSP status at the time of the snapshot, the team rostering that player will have an extra roster spot.

If that player starts playing during the OPL round (suspension ends) they will be utilized like any other player when creating best ball lineups.

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So whereas removing the SUSP designation eliminates a roster spot in standard leagues and could require a cut, my OPL roster would remain valid with 40+ active players? No rollback or need to carry an open spot? Sorry if I am being dense.

OPL has no management, cuts, anything like that from a player perspective. Once the snapshot is taken, that is your roster for the entire round. Position eligibility and player status (suspended, IL, etc) will update as normal during the round, but your team is set in stone for the whole round once the snapshot is taken.

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