Option to round down?

Has giving leagues the option to have the cap hits for player cuts round down to the nearest dollar ever been considered? I feel like having the cap hit for $1 players round down to zero is more in-line with how salary caps work in real-life sports leagues where there are almost always cap exemptions for adding players on league minimum contracts. While I’m sure opinions will differ I would personally find it more fun to be able to churn the bottom of my roster. Also it sucks being capped out and hit with a rash of injuries where you get stuck either having to make a trade or exposing a better player to waivers to pick up someone to temporarily fill a lineup spot.

This sounds much more like real-life than being able to chug freely through free agents. I’d rather ottoneu continue to reward the owners better at navigating this situation.


Making cap penalties go down to $0 was considered back in 2006 when Ottoneu started out and just made the game entirely too easy. The $1 min cap penalty adds a surprising amount of depth for such a simple rule that we haven’t considered changing it ever since.