Organizing lineups

Just wondering if anyone else is frustrated with not being able to set your OF, SP, RP or bench in an order that is fixed. I know it’s nothing major, and I’m OCD, but it’d be nice if there would be a quick fix to this. Maybe I’m alone on this. Thoughts?

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I have had this same question for years too. It doesn’t really matter at all, but if you own Mike Trout it should would be nice (OCD) to keep him in the “OF1” slot, etc. :wink:

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Yeah exactly. I think it would help with trading too because you could see where a guy kinda “ranks” their players.


I’ve received this request a few times, but given the simplicity of how multi-slot positions work right now, I’m wary of introducing the risk of changing it for something with such a small benefit. I’m not opposed to it, it is just low priority for now.

Miss the DL and minors spots on the lineup page. Any hope of bringing that back?

Annnnnd… nevermind I’m an idiot.