Otteneu 7-day and 30-day add sort on players page is not working properly

When I sort the free agents by either 7-day or 30-day add to try to get the largest positive values to the top of the list, it returns first all the negative (drops) and then the properly sorted positive (adds) father down the page. If you reverse the search, all the zero values appear at the top of the list. Zeros are not interesting, so one sort should give you the highest positive values (most adds) and the other sort should provide the most negative values (most drops).

Not a big deal, but took me a bit to figure out what was going on so wanted to pass it on.


Cool I’ll check this out later on.

This has been fixed.

The initial sort is now descending, positive to negative. 0s will fall in between positive and negative numbers.



Where do you find the ability to sort by 7 or 30 day ownership changes?
Been looking and haven’t been able to find it…

You can’t sort this for every player (there are too many) but you can click headers on search results to sort your search results.