Otto Basketball - Looking for Owners ($50 Trad Pts)

Longtime Otto Football Commissioner (7 yrs) starting up Basketball this year with a few people from other Otto leagues.

3 teams currently available
$50 price tier - Traditional Points.
Draft date set for just prior to the season currently.
Currently set for 3 division, but that’s not firm.

Looking to create a long term league. Open to changes as we go for format, price, and scoring. Would probably look to realign divisions after 2 years.

Let me know any questions. Just removed password protection so feel free to join up and we can start talking season details.

5 spots left.

Let the NBA season wash over you. It’s coming.

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Just signed up, I’m pumped

Let’s gooooooooooooo.

3 spots remaining.

Still 3 spots left. Let’s get this deal done before the weekend is out amirite?

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1 team still open. Almost to the promised land.