Ottobot Mailbag Episode

We are doing a mailbag episode soon, if you have any questions you’d like answered on the pod let us know!

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Here might be a fun one:

One strategy that I’ve heard/seen discussed and have thought about doing is start two decent, low-cost catchers in the first half of the season, hit 162 before the trade deadline, and then cut/trade at least one of them to free up a roster spot for a prospect, possibly one of the recently drafted ones. The idea of course is that freeing up roster spot and/or cap space is very valuable midseason and many catchers will not be keepers for the following year. In Ottoneu, the catcher position is really the only one where it could make sense to this among position players; however, I suppose you could also do it with pitchers.

Have any of you had success executing this strategy? Any downsides to trying to execute it?


Jordan Luplow has been a killer platoon OF against LHP. Can you talk about the viability of platoon guys (I’m thinking of Eric Thames from 2019)?

Also, any strategy for trading pieces for only a $$ return?


I’ve heard you reference ottoneu league power rankings before and I’m interested to know where to find them, how they are calculated, etc. League 153 is so difficult and I want to see how it stacks up. If it’s not podcast interesting enough, a straight reply would be appreciated. Thanks!

I’m in the process of a “deep rebuild,” partly because I kept coming up just a little bit short and also because I figured it’d be a fun exercise that could teach me a thing or two. My general strategy has been to fill the roster with young MLB types that are on friendly deals or are simply worth what they’re paid (i.e. a $48 Acuna) while rounding out the bench spots with almost exclusively MiLB guys. Any other thoughts about how best to go about a true rebuild that results in a deep roster of talented players that are ultimately affordable?

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  1. What are your strategies for making cuts to facilitate free agent acquisitions? For example, do you cut your least valuable player or do you cut a bottom 20% player who you think has a chance to be picked up off waivers and free you from any cap penalties.

  2. What are some key strategies for identifying free agent targets? Obviously, your strategy will depend on your team’s needs and whether you are rebuilding or contending, but what do you look for to identify breakout players? Do you add based on roster need or greatest potential upside?

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The power rankings are something I’ve posted on RotoGraphs in the past, look for the April Ottoneu Power Rankings the first week of May on RotoGraphs

Will do. Thank you