Ottoneu Arbitration Omnibus

This is a must read resource for everyone new to ottoneu arbitration or veterans looking for strategy tips all in one place:

In addition, here is a podcast episode we recorded last October detailing arbitration:


This is great as Ottoneu arbitration begins tomorrow (10/15) for @everyone

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Neat, didn’t realize that was a feature

Just a quick reminder for the @community that today (midnight EDT) is the Ottoneu arbitration deadline. Per the rules for those using the Allocation system:

b. If a team does not allocate at least one dollar to every other team, none of their allocations will count and it will be as if they did not participate at all.

c. If a team does not allocate all $25, none of their allocations will count and it will be as if they did not participate at all.

Don’t forget to allocate all your dollars!

So which players are getting hit hardest by arbitration dollars in your league?

My $18 Kris Bryant is now a $33 Kris Bryant.

My Kris Bryant has gotten hit also, however, only 10

$17 on Corey Seager is the most I’ve seen across 4 leagues

Syndergaard and Trea Turner both got hit with $13 in one of my leagues.

Syndergaard up from $14 to $27.
Turner from $7 to $20!

My $9 Cory Seager is now $26.

My sndergaard got $11 added

I’ll be looking at all players later this week after arbitration and I expect Seager to be near the top of the list.

I have a $26 Donaldson that’s gotten hit hard this winter

So I’m in one of those “weird” vote off leagues and have a questions about how the $5 discount will be applied to my restricted FA during the auction. For reference, my RFA is Jackie Bradley ($4) and I’ll have 3 open roster spots and $20 going into the draft.

  1. If I get Jackie for $4, does the $5 come off my total budget (Jackie is essentially -$1) or do I just get a $1 Jackie this year?
  2. Can I bid up to $23 for Jackie or am I capped at $18 with the $5 being applied after the draft is over?
    2a) If I get Jackie for $18 during the draft, will the $5 discount be applied right then and there so I have $7 to spend on the remaining 2 roster spots?

Hope this all makes sense. Thank you for any input.

-Levy Goodman Loblaw and Hutz (league 447).

PS - I can’t believe my $3 Gary Sanchez, $4 Trevor Story, or $5 Trea Turner was not voted off over Bradley…

Good questions. Agree it’s pretty surprising JBJ was voted off instead of Story, Sanchez, or Turner, so good for you. The vote off leagues often have great values long term because of situations like this.

You will only be able to bid up to $18 because the $5 discount is only applied after the player is won, not during the bidding. As soon as you win JBJ, he will be added to your roster at $5 less than your auction price. This should leave you with 2 remaining spots to fill and $7 to spend as soon as he’s added.

In the event he is won for less than $6, he’ll be added to your roster for $1 (I think).

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Ottoneu arbitration begins soon, check out the links above for a ton of information on how it works and strategies to use!

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I have question about roster rules and arbitration.

Do you have to have a legal roster to participate in allocations? IE, If you have a team with 41 of 40 roster spots filled, can you allocate dollars?

And a related question, when do players come off the 60-day DL - before or after arbitration?

These questions are answered in this thread:

The 60-day DL is already gone.

Thanks Niv.

However, league 513 still shows players on the 60-day DL.

Ah, they go away when the playoffs end, then. That would be right in the middle of arbitration.

  1. A player on an MLB 7-day or 10-day DL must be reinstated no later than the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season, a player on an MLB 60-day DL who is eligible to be an Article XX-B MLB free-agent must be reinstated from the DL no later than 9 AM (Eastern) on the day after the final game of the World Series, and all other players on an MLB 60-day DL must be reinstated no later than 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day after the final game of the World Series, even if the player did not spend 60 days on the DL.