Ottoneu Auction Draft Kit

I created an Ottoneu Auction Draft Kit (which is really just a template to help you plan for and use during your auction) and wrote about it here:

You can access the draft tool directly here.

Anyone have any other best practices or advice for navigating the auction successfully?

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One question I have as a new Ottoneu player is how much of your budget and roster should you plan to fill during the draft?

Understanding you need budget for free agent auctions and also that releasing players continues to count against your salary until added by another team, I’m curious what seasoned Ottoneu players typically budget for the draft vs. after the draft.

Also, if this info is available on another thread, please direct me there. I’ve been looking for awhile but don’t recall seeing anything.


How much cap space (budget) you leave after the auction is always team-dependent but in a first year I would probably target leaving yourself about $10 (spending $390). You’ll have opportunities throughout the season to regain cap space; in a first year league it can often feel “tight” in the first month or two before trades and add/drops start to add flexibility.

Another resource:

Lucky, is this going to be updated for the new season? I’m seeing my previous version won’t load rosters and this tool was a huge help last year for me.

It looks like this tool was probably also broken by my change to the Roster Export. I know LuckyStrkes is swamped this week but next week I will work with him on updating this tool.

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Y’all are too good to us. Thank you!

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