Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

Thanks! First time playing, took over the team last winter.


Nice 3-peat John. Well done.

Congrats. Back to back titles in 400, and you won 107 by 2,400 points. Whoa!

Thanks Trey - winner of the inaugural ‘slow draft league’ 90% Mental:

Great win. Slow draft must have been great. You dominated on offense and didn’t even have to throw 1,500 IP to win. You’ve been badged.

First ever Ottoneu win for me…

Whoops, here’s the standings page.


I see you took good care of my squad in #400, congrats!

Thanks! I think I might have actually started to figure it out.:grin:

Nice victory over @hernandez17 Bill. Congrats.

So far I’m really impressed by how many first year Ottoneu owners have won this season. It’s especially difficult to enter an existing league, take over a troubled team, and make a winner out of it.

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Wow, my hat is off to you. Four in a row! (what happened to those last couple of teams?)

Thanks! Started the year with a good basis, had some lucky brakes and it all worked out. Let’s see if we can make it three in a row :wink:

There were literally a thousand ways to get that extra half point.

Seems like we are going to have an incredible number of 20K point teams this year

So, so close to 21,000. Congrats on your championship.