Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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Thanks to @everyone for another great season. The off season will get started soon (it never sleeps in Ottoneu) and arbitration will be here before we know it, but special congrats are in order for all those who won an Ottoneu baseball championship this season.
I know @hernandez17 won the first season of @Brinksmanship, @brentdaily, locked down the 2nd trophy in @Champions, and @owensurett35 won his first every title (462), but there are many others.

If you won a championship today and would like to earn your Ottoneu community championship β€œbadge”, let me know here, and post a link to your standings page. Congrats to all.

Welcome to the Ottoneu Community


Done - congrats @owensurett35



Thanks a lot Trey! this was a fun season. love all the new rotographs content. keep it up!


helluva job! Congratulations!


Congrats - well earned badge!


Congrats @damgagnon on winning two championships (464 & 15). Your championship badge has been applied.


Thank you!


Nice job! Back to back titles?


Fun season, everybody.



Nice job setting a new points record in 331. Congrats on both championships.


Yes, a good run of late…



Thanks!! More proud of this one than any of my 5x5 wins.


Great win - congrats


I won! badge me!


Nice job setting the league scoring record too. Congrats


Came so close to the 6.0 P/G threshold, too. Great season.


Three-peat for my team El Festival de Batazos in 107: