Ottoneu Basketball Integration with Rotowire

Not sure whether this is a request for Ottoneu or Rotowire, but with Ottoneu baseball and football there’s an option to import the league and have details on the Rotowire site. So it will suggest lineups, give you news on your players, rank free agents, etc. It’s pretty cool. Are there any plans to add this functionality for Ottoneu basketball?

Yeah probably coming in-season at some point.

They don’t have our league says one of their default options but I was wondering if we’re able to import our leagues as a custom league ? I took advantage of the six month Roto wire Subscription with a $10 donation to yahoo fantasy sports and now I’m trying to figure out how best to use that new account

Soon, soon.

Okay, there’s a reason they diagnosed me w ADD as a kid , Patience isn’t one of my strong suits

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Rotowire is working on implementing some stuff I’ve handed them for basketball integration. Will update this thread once their work is done.


LOL. Okay, it is live now (might have jumped the gun by about 5 minutes)…

Ottonue has been integrated onto Rotowire, so fellow Rotowire subscribers can now import leagues. Very awesome. Thanks, Niv.