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Hey :trophy:530 remember long ago when we discussed how it would be nice if we could setup a group message board where we could discuss all things Ottoneu “in public” in case others would benefit? I think this “Champions” category now does that, giving visibility to everyone in the community, but only commentary access only to those actually in the @Champions league.

Along with making automatic relegation more aggressive for the Champions League beginning next year, there is some interest in creating a 2nd “feeder” Champions league for 2016. More to come on that, but very open to feedback on the best way to approach this.

Per our vote in the @Champions league, we will adopt a minimum 16,000 point relegation threshold for the 2017 season. All teams that fail to meet 16,000 points annually will be relegated for the next season and replaced with a new owner. In other words, we’re turning up the heat in 530 and offering a chance for new Ottoneu champions to join each season.


We will be opening a “second division” of the Ottoneu @Champions League for 2017. More to come but @DSpracale and @SABRmagician have agreed to commish.


Per our discussion, the 2nd division of the Ottoneu @Champions League:

  • 2nd division will open for 2017 season (FGPTS), with commissioners @SABRmagician and @DSpracale (each owner added must have at least one FGPTS championship on their resume, per charter).
  • 2nd division of Champions League will include 5MiLB (similar to 530).
  • 2nd division will have 15,000 point minimum threshold to trigger automatic relegation.
  • Teams in 1st division (530) that fail to reach 16,000 minimum points threshold will be automatically relegated and replaced by highest finishing team(s) from 2nd division.
  • Each team promoted from 2nd division to 1st division will receive a one season grace period to reach the 16,000 points threshold in 1st division.
  • The winner of the 2nd division will have their choice of roster in the 1st division should more than one team be relegated annually from the 1st division (530).
  • Any other owners that choose to leave the 1st division (530) for personal reasons (not due to 16,000 minimum) will also be replaced with next highest finishing owner of 2nd division.

More details soon…

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Hey @DSpracale and @SABRmagician - do we have final candidates yet for League B for 2017?

Yeah, the natives are restless

We’re literally deciding on the last spot currently. It’s not easy as you guys know.

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Ok, so since we have one team that will abandon in A (530), three teams from B (725) will join A this off-season; two teams will be relegated from A to B.

That should leave us with one opening for a new owner in B, correct @Champions?

Seems that way, assuming 1) No other A owners are leaving and 2) The relegated A owners want to continue in B